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Canadian Guidelines for Post COVID-19 Condition

The McMaster University team, with financial and scientific support from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), will develop six evidence-based guidelines for post COVID-19 condition using rigorous scientific methods.

Our goal is to use the best available evidence to provide clinicians, decision-makers, policymakers, and the public in Canada with detailed guidance to make informed health decisions about post COVID-19 condition (PCC). We intend to prioritize topics that are most important to these audiences through a careful and inclusive process, while also considering the needs of equity-deserving groups.

How will the post COVID-19 condition guidelines help you?

With the six PCC guidelines, health care practitioners will be able to rely on evidence-based, rigorously developed guidance that will help them guide care for people affected by PCC. Policy makers will be able to make decisions based on these guidelines that can guide priority setting for implementation and resource allocation. Researchers and funders of research will also benefit by identifying research gaps that are not clearly answered in the systematic reviews that support the guidelines. Patients and members of the public will be able to use these recommendations to make informed decisions about their own health.

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Check out the CAN-PCC Recommendation Map (RecMap)!

These recommendations will help health care professionals, public health officials, and policymakers make decisions in the best interest of their patients and the public.

Our latest guideline videos!

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Recommendation Maps (RecMaps)
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Recommendations vs. Guidelines
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